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We are the new Persistent: Making the technology work for you.

Persistent is at the center of the technology, services, strategically poised between consumers who demand fast, easy and convenient options, and businesses intent on increasing revenues, building customer loyalty, reaching the contemporary consumer, and lowering their cost of operations.

Our leadership in customer interactions is built on deep consumer and industry expertise. Persistent is the company focused beyond a niche technology, geography or market. Our people offer a broader perspective that enables our customers not only to achieve their goals, but to transform their business models. And our size, scale and stability instill confidence in the marketplace.

It's from this unique position that Persistent boldly invites businesses and consumers to "Make technology work for you."


Company Overview

Persistent Advertising established in 1996 has grown steadily and consistently, Making the technology work for you. Areas in which Persistent Technology offers services include Hardware, Networking, Software, Security through Cameras, Consultancy & Training.

Our Mission:

A reliable product with great price-performance, backed with superior service in warranty and replacement (after sales support) are the three most important criteria in the computing industry.

We believe in providing the best value for your money. Moreover, we constantly add value by introducing more attractive products & services.

Our aim is to provide technical assistance at a professional level  of business houses  looking forward  to such guidance and also giving a personal touch to the SOHO users. We believe in selling the best product & providing an equivalently better after sales service. That is why our motto is

"Lifetime warranty for satisfaction".

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